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I was born in Manchester, UK, but grew up in Australia from the age of five, returning to England at fifteen to complete my education.  This pattern of moving between two contrasting continents has continued throughout my life, shaping my sensory and artistic development.


I graduated from Leeds University in 1980 with a degree in education, majoring in Visual Arts and English. I went into teaching, the “family business”, so to speak, as both my parents and other family members had pursued the profession.


Living in the UK, I was able to make a series of European excursions, each of which served as another aesthetic awakening, broadening my artistic knowledge and vision.

After the birth of my first child in 1983, our family migrated back to Australia, and within 2 years, my second son was born.  My work as an artist went on hold while as I concentrated on parenting, and then moved back to teaching.


At Leeds, I had discovered and then specialized in the sculptural qualities of clay, as well as the pyro-technic magic that occurs in the kiln.  This led to experimenting with different types of firing and kiln-building, with the result that I designed and built my own kiln using the latest (at that time) ceramic fibre insulation to achieve optimum heat-work and economy. It turned out to be the first of many as I moved from place to place.


Despite the other demands on my time, I began to realise that my love of clay was an obsession, not a mere interest and I set up a workshop at my home.  With the impetus of a backlog of creative ideas, my work developed rapidly and I was soon entering competitions and exhibiting, including in the award-winning web gallery, Kurai Hoshi.  I was teaching to provide a secure income, but my identity was always very much that of an artist.


In 2001 after 17 years in Australia, and moderate local success as a ceramic artist, I returned to my roots and family in the UK. I took a teaching job in London for 3 years, and then moved back to Yorkshire (where I’d lived and attended University,) and joined an artist-run cooperative, Bradford Art Studios, in 2005.  During this phase of my UK residency, I travelled further afield to Egypt and India, adding to my bank of creative ideas. I was still teaching full-time.


In March 2010, I showed the results of 5 years’ work at a successful solo exhibition in Bradford.  By the end of that year, I was back in Australia to take up my role as grandparent, my elder son having produced a son in 2006 with a daughter to follow in 2009.


While it is not unique to have lived and worked in two hemispheres, the uniqueness of each continuously feeds into my art as I move from the one to the other. I am now back in my old workshop and working full-time as a ceramic sculptor. I have shown in group exhibitions and had a solo show in Brisbane with another solo  in October 2015.